For Now – Edward Doegar
September 01 2015

A pamphlet by Edward Doegar

Savage – Rebecca Tamás
September 01 2015

A pamphlet by Rebecca Tamás

HOLLY ISEMONGER – The Marge Simpson Cento
August 16 2015

An excerpt from Can I Borrow a Feeling?

Can I borrow a feeling?
July 27 2015

An anthology of poetry and illustration inspired by The Simpsons

Corina Copp – Two Poems
June 15 2015

Two poems by Corina Copp

clinic 4 Launch
August 01 2013

Come and celebrate the launch of our newest anthology CLINIC 4 on Friday September 16th!

clinic 4
August 01 2013

The 4th installment in the clinic anthology series

White Hills – Chloe Stopa-Hunt
August 01 2013

A pamphlet by Chloe Stopa-Hunt

the cream – Edwina Attlee
August 01 2013

A pamphlet by Edwina Attlee

clinic iii
February 10 2013

clinic iii  The 3rd installment in our anthology series, co-published with Egg Box, 02/04/13.