Chloe Stopa-Hunt – Two Poems

•   September 08 2014 // poetry   •

Two poems by Chloe Stopa-Hunt

The Leopard-God

Came the Leopard-God
in a cape of beech leaves:
from one shore to the other
he passed at night,
with Nicholas on his back
clutching the fur and crying,
come again, come back,
pulling at the linty ears
of the Leopard-God—who
never gets angry, or at least
not with Nicholas, his own
blond boy, his refugee—his
little, his ever-so-patient love.


Drowned Boys

I know you’re busy sifting
Through the river for drowned boys.

The storm divides your orange hair,
And your scalp is an empty bed.

In battledress or pince-nez, one by one,
You pull them out of there.


Chloe Stopa-Hunt is a graduate student at the University of Cambridge. She won an Eric Gregory Award in 2014.