Daisy Lafarge

•   January 16 2015 // poetry   •

A new poem


girl vs. sincerity


the elderly man is baffled

by the ‘Toast Station’ for commuters

amid carnage of almond butter and seeded bloomer

he has reduced his muffin to rubble

all is crust and I want to hold him

because of the news

or the daisycutters which aren’t apprentice stylists

or things for your pubes

there goes Marinetti


with words, and bombs




went howling mad on Lupus Street

on a calm day, with lady grey by the curb

I diagnose the sky with SAD

its stormlets slip through the sun




my six year old sister says the worry dolls don’t work

and their arms are broken

my inner misogynist says don’t worry doll and thinks

of that Irvine Welsh story where he fucks a Thalidomide babe

turned on by her lack of arms cos she can’t push him away


instead I gulp sick and tell her they never had arms

and: ‘keep trying”




by day I compile manifestos

and resolve to gouge out my eyes

because they won’t stop policing

all the women-bodies




dogshit after rain

sometimes smells ok



Daisy Lafarge lives in Edinburgh. Her writing has appeared in 3:AM, The Quietus and the New Statesman.