•   September 07 2015 // poetry   •

An excerpt from Can I Borrow a Feeling? (And NYC launch details.)


Run-Ons On Lisa

When the applause from the dark audience the production company invented emanates
from the violet seats I get a stupid shiver that is pinging
even now cause when I was Lisa I had no confidence and now regret not talking,
that was bad, I like that she can think aloud and develop creative solutions the adults can’t
wrap their noodle heads around cause their serial experience has made
their brains bland of action, or blind, I mean from the fiction their episodic memory has
leant their minds a cynicism that is non-fictional and which is dinging
and even the authority Lisa rocks with her pearls which are not the same as rocks
is a painstaking way to indicate worth I have tried to describe
my whole life but it works cause this stuff’s uncutely stowed from the ocean
not arbitrarily and the ocean is ‘gross’ unlike this igneous string of stones
which is possibly what she wears in fact, also I’m jealous her creators let her wear the same thing
every day and of her musicality, and its naturalness or effortlessness and the lungs
those things take, for to squeeze nothing, basically, is what I struggle with and I love
the animated girls I see the old me in at that school when the clouds clear
over the grey, true town its ironic creators don’t wanna admit they made
so tender cause it wouldn’t be funny otherwise explodes

Emily Toder is the author of the poetry collections Beachy Head and Science (from Coconut Books) and the chapbooks No Land (Brave Men Press), Brushes With (Tarpaulin Sky), and I Hear a Boat (Duets). She has translated various prose and poetry collections, among them The Life and Memoirs of Dr. Pi (Clockroot Books), Wendolin Kramer (Barcelona eBooks), and The Errant Astrologers (Ugly Duckling Presse). She lives and works in NY.

Emily will be reading at the NY launch of Can I Borrow a Feeling? at Unnameable books, 600 Vandebilt Avenue, in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn on Wednesday 9th September at 7pm. Harry Burke will also read, along with the editors. Bookshop details here. Facebook here.