HOLLY ISEMONGER – The Marge Simpson Cento

•   August 16 2015 // poetry   •

An excerpt from Can I Borrow a Feeling?

The Marge Simpson Cento
after Anne Carson


Homer and Bart burst out laughing. Marge inspects the bear.
Marge pushes him to the ground and slams the door.
Marge slams the door in his face.
Marge is driving into town the next day.
Marge skids the car, throwing him out onto the road.
She drives across.
She walks into the dining room.
She reaches the checkout.
She shoos them outside.
She sees Homer in the back seat, talking through a cardboard tube.
She leaves the tree house.
(She walks off)
She frees Homer. As he leaves, he has a sudden brainwave.


Marge has fallen back asleep.
Marge and Lisa groan.
Marge groans.
She sees that Homer is clipping a potted plant to look exactly like Marge.
Marge enters from the en suite, her hair in a mess.


She grabs a pancake and shoves it into Bart’s mouth.
A harried Marge drives Bart, Lisa and Millhouse.
(Disgruntled murmur)
Marge pulls up in front of the Simpsons’ house.
Marge sets a tray of food in front of him.
(Worried noise)
Marge sits down and grabs a magazine.
(Annoyed murmur)
A weary Marge lies on the couch.
(Upset noise)
Marge drives an agitated Homer.
Marge sits slumped in the chair.
(Dialing phone)
Marge hands phone to Bart.
(Disgruntled murmur)
Marge takes a deep breath.
(Checks watch)

Marge sighs then tries to make the best of things.
She takes a spoonful and puts it into his mouth.


Holly Isemonger is from Gerringong, Australia, has been published in Shabby Doll House, Poems in Which, Voiceworks, Hoax, Electric Cereal, Potluck, and is the assistant editor at The Bohemyth. Her other writing has been featured in exhibitions for SPUR Publication at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh and Tate Britain. She is currently studying at The University of Western Sydney. This poem was first commissioned by SPUR Publications.

Can I Borrow a Feeling? launches on 21 August at Bold Tendencies. Details about the anthology here.