Rob Halpern – Two Poems

•   April 06 2015 // poetry   •

Two poems by Rob Halpern

[from Disaster Suite]

This war
Of want
Says what

I want
To say
To you

Of dreams
Or need
We need

Not speak
To speak
Of wars

Of want
I come
To love

So late
To you
My lost

                        – marine


Snow Sonnet

So there’s no more to arrange no sound
To sing returns the distance to our song
Decrees no proper names become poems
By force we’re sliding back into time no

Command mouths these things that don’t
Count we’ve born no issue nothing comes
Back from the tape the radio recorded us
Holding hands in one another’s dusty ruts

Give no static voice whose shape our body
Equals nothing in this general issue weighs
What our empty bag proposes blooms no
Shelter and stinks of sweat theft bloody

As any free-minded broadcast fills arranges
The sky brings us here to tape these parts

                                            – together.


Rob Halpern divides his time between San Francisco and Michigan. These poems are taken from his most recent book, [ ———— ]: Placeholder, published by Enitharmon.